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Ready​ ​to​ ​bust​ ​through​ ​blocks​ ​that​ ​are​ ​keeping​ ​you​ ​from​ ​success?

Together,​ ​in​ ​a​ ​90-minute​ ​session,​ ​we’ll​ ​focus​ ​on​ ​uncovering​ ​one​ ​belief that’s​ ​keeping​ ​you​ ​“stuck”​ ​and​ ​re-pattern​ ​that​ ​belief​ ​so​ ​you​ ​can​ ​stop spinning​ ​your​ ​wheels,​ ​floundering​ ​in​ ​frustration​ ​or​ ​wondering​ ​“why​ ​can’t​ ​I just”.​

​You’ll​ ​be​ ​prepared​ ​to​ ​show​ ​up​ ​in​ ​your​ ​life,​ ​health,​ ​and​ ​business​ ​with confidence​ ​and​ ​clarity.

Depending on your individual needs, here’s what this intensive includes:

● Getting complete clarity on your desires

● Upleveling your perseverance piece (that piece that keeps you motivated so you can stop relying solely on willpower)

● Identifying a belief that is holding you back now in your life, health or business and repatterning that belief so you can move forward with your goals

● Creating a roadmap on your practical next steps

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you receive as a part of your Belief Breakthrough Intensive Mentorship:

● (1) 90-minute intensive via phone or Zoom

● Recording of your mentorship session so you can reference our all whenever you need a boost.

● One week of VIP email access for added accountability and support for follow-up and to continue the momentum

● Additional recommended tips, trick, and tools, as needed, to support your journey forward.

Investment: $97


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BONUS: If you sign-up for the Belief Breakthrough Intensive and decide within 24 hours after the intensive that you want to invest in a 1:1 or group mentorship package, your payment will be credited towards your package.

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