What if getting older means getting better?

What if it meant more energy, confidence, adventure, fulfilled dreams, the body you desire, and a new start to the life and health you imagined.

What if all those things that got put on hold (or went by the wayside) while you were raising kids, starting a career, and surviving day to day and checking off all those boxes you were suppose to check off were still possible.

Not only possible but exactly what was meant to happen for you?  What if it meant having all those things they say appear as you age like hormone issues or the tire around your middle were not an inevitable part of “growing old gracefully”?

For most of us over 40, living your most amazing life may seem like an opportunity that has already passed you by but what if your forties became your most delicious decade yet.  What if it was the start of creating the you you always imagined.

If you have found yourself here you might be feeling:

  • Frustrated, because everyone seems to have their s!*t together and you’re barely getting through the day
  • The dreams you had in your 20s are becoming regrets
  • Tired, overweight, and lacking confidence and that “pep in our step” that used to make heads turn
  • Feeling like we want to hide in those over sized clothes
  • On the downhill side of not only our health and sex appeal but that body we thought we’d have forever
  • Lacking energy to be exactly who you want to be
  • Uninterested in doing more in the bedroom than just sleeping
  • Your relationship with food isn’t soulful but disconnected

Well I am here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be this way just because you hit 40. What I have for you inside this program is the finest wisdom I know of to transform, rejuvenate, and revitalize your life, no matter what decade you’re in.

See, I don’t believe in aging gracefully.

To me, that sounds like a euphemism for something we all fear and hate. It sounds like third place.

Like, “Well, what I really wanted was to stay young forever, or at least seem to be young forever… but I got ‘aging gracefully’ instead… which is fine, I guess…”


I believe in getting better with age.

I believe that as we move through life, life presents us with more and better opportunities to kick ass!!

I think we’ve got it wrong as a society (at least in the United States).

We seem to think that, for women, aging means inevitable decline and decay:

  • Aches and pains
  • Slowing metabolism and extra weight
  • Sagging skin
  • Brittle bones
  • Thinning hair
  • Sleepless nights
  • The end of romance

And maybe even forgotten dreams.

Why do we believe that?

We believe it because society (and older generations of women) tells us what we can expect.  We believe it because we have so-called evidence that life, our health and our bodies deteriorate as we get older.

But what if we chose to believe something different?

(I mean, society has been wrong about a bunch of stuff, no? Last I checked the earth was actually round, for instance.)


we started over with the concept of age, and started thinking that getting older included:

A fit, strong body

Healthy hair

Radiant skin

Incredible sex appeal

Unshakable confidence

Powerful presence

Deep inner peace

Strength and resilience

What if we decided that we were really meant to start loving and living life in our forties and beyond?

That because of where we stand in history, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our lives at any age.

The truth is, you and I can and must start viewing our lives like this.

If you’re worried that your life is passing you by without you ever having the chance to turn your dreams into reality…

Or you’re worried that you’re not attractive enough anymore or that you’ve become invisible… or you feel exhausted all the time… or that life has taken you over.

Or you are truly devastated by your current life situation… even if you are simply plagued with a sense that “there just has to be more to life than this”…

I’m here to tell you, there is.

How do I know? I remember feeling overweight, half-awake, stressed out, and dependent on sugary snacks and carb-packed foods for quick comfort when life felt hard and I needed a pick me up.  

I faced health challenges that sent me to the doctor where I received prescriptions with crazy side effects which never addressed the problems just the symptoms.

Worst of all I was conditioned to believe that getting out of bed in the morning ment aches and pains and that dreams and goals were to replaced by passive daily living and checking off daily tasks that served everyone but me.

There were so many wonderful parts of my life. Don’t get me wrong. But I just wasn’t feeling alive, vibrant, or healthy.

I remember turning 40 and people telling me “it’s downhill from here”  or “your body changes and not for the better”.


Again, it is simply not true just an excuse for us not to create the healthy bodies and lives we want but to keep leaving our lives to chance.


That’s why I’ve created a unique experience to help you reclaim your energy, renew your enthusiasm, and reset the clock on your dreams.

The Delicious Decade is 90 days that will jump start you into transforming your health, body and mind which is the platform for changing your life.  

Each week we will jump on the phone and target areas of success.  We’ll address areas where you are feeling stuck and share your successes, your intentions for your delicious decade and whatever you need to move you forward on your journey.   

Here is what the next 90 days will bring:

The Delicious Decade also includes PLENTY of tools and resources to deal with old habits of self-sabotage that may come up, or fears that are likely to surface. In addition to recipes, snacks, and some unexpected gifts and surprises.

In addition you will receive my signature systems creation sheet.  This is something that other coaches don’t even touch on but yet is so critical to really making this your most delicious decade.  

The tools you will receive throughout this program are some of my best kept secrets (that I am dying to share) to set you up for success and make these changes stick.  This includes recipes to experiment with on your journey to your most Delicious Decade. 

Your soul craves this transformation, but your ego will resist! That’s why personal support is so crucial when you want to create any kind of breakthrough because the truth is that it’s not about the food it’s about what is going on within.  It’s time to go beyond the diets and get deep so you can have the body, health and life you desire.

 I am here to walk with you on this journey.