3 Reasons We Self Sabotage

Today I want to talk about food and self-sabotage. Sabotage happens for several reasons.

Our subconscious mind is running the show and creates fear and resistance so it can keep us safe, loved and belonging
We don’t have a plan
We don’t manage our thoughts
I’m just going to talk about the plan for now and I’ll cover the other two next week.

Planning- Lack of planning is one of the biggest mistakes and equals failure especially when you are starting out trying to change habits.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say, things like, “I was so good all week I’m going to let loose this weekend” or “screw it I ate the _____ so I might as well wait until Monday and start again”, or “F-It I didn’t lose my weight or do that great with my goals this week anyway” or “It’s a special occasion”.

Yes, I’ve done it myself. Guilty as charged. But here’s the thing, weekends are about 30% of the week and if it’s a three day weekend that’s nearly half!

Special occasions happen all the time and if you know you have a chaotic life or you are a social person, that is not a surprise that you didn’t know about.

You can’t say, well that Saturday night that we have with our friends every week caught me off guard. Or my work schedule that’s been the same for 10 years keeps me from sticking to my plan.

If you don’t stick to your goals of creating new habits 30% of the time you will not be successful. If you add in all the other times you believe you think you can’t stick to your plan and your goals and you might as well stop because you will never change your habits.

Part of better health and actually losing weight is having a plan. Having a plan for that typical week and those with the special occasions and having a plan for the weekend.

Making a plan is getting out a paper and pen and writing it down. A plan and not in your head. A plan in your head is a dream. Get it on paper. Even if you don’t know exactly what you are doing you can plan that you will eat out, spend time with friends, go to the ballgame, movies etc.

Making the plan in the moment is also not a plan. That is being unprepared.

Success doesn’t just mean normal weeks with no surprises. Surprises are part of a normal week. Put a note in your plan for what your go-to will be if you need one. Or what you’ll eat if you have to eat on the road or get home too late to cook or get up too early to cook.

When you have a plan and follow it It makes things feel like more of a commitment and makes it a priority. Don’t leave it to chance because you lose. When you plan you are taking responsibility.

You are stating: This is what I’m willing to do and not do. Choose things you going to put on the plan that you can stick with. You can choose to be in control.

Be real and honest with yourself as you plan. If you know you’re going out to dinner and having the steak and mashed potatoes then put it in the plan. Start planning for the weekend about Thursday when you’ll have a better idea about what’s going on.

Remember, If we were great at making choices in the moment we wouldn’t have weight to lose or health to improve.

When you create a plan and stick with it you are honoring yourself and teaching your mind that you are a person who keeps commitments, not one that reinforces failure. That is a form of self-love and you build trust with you.

Now that doesn’t mean that you are planning three milkshakes and chili cheese fries all weekend for lunch, and pizza and margaritas for dinner. It means you are practicing commitment to what you are going to do and giving yourself choice.

It means being able to keep somethings and letting go of others and doing it openly and honestly knowing that there are trade-offs for what you want in your life. Everything in life is a trade-off and you get to choose.

Yes, we’ve all done harsh crappy diets, but that’s not what’s happening now and that’s not how I teach weight loss and better eating. Remember, you are learning to eat differently and create new habits that are aligned with who you want to be and how you want to feel in your body and life. Learning requires patience and compassion.

Letting failure to plan sabotage you doesn’t have to happen. Small hinges swing big doors. If you are just starting out make small swaps. When you give yourself permission to make small changes you start realizing what wins are like.

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