Are You a Liar?

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams lately.  Not the kind you have when you are asleep but life dreams.

This started when I was in Mexico and then the other day when someone shared with me that they were afraid to dream.

This beautiful strong woman had a particular dream she wanted to achieve.  She shared that fear because she felt it wasn’t possible in the near future and thinking about it just made her angry.  I totally got that!

I have had so many dreams I have felt that way about and just as many that I believed if I thought about it I would actually “jinx” it.  Like the universe was sitting there waiting for me to think that dream so it could say, “jinks, you don’t get to have that”. So silly right?

Dreaming comes naturally. Even when were figuring how to get the kids to school, the car to the mechanic, grabbing the groceries, making dinner, doing homework, calling your mom you can be dreaming.

Often it looks like: I want the body, car, man, house, life, she has. We’ve all had those kinds of dreams.

What happens when we let ourselves dream is the gremlins come out.  As soon as we start thinking about what actions we need to take and what needs to happen to make that dream come true we feel anger, fear, and frustration and that makes us feel defeated before we begin.

We start telling ourselves stories like: I don’t know enough, have the skills, the time or money. My anxiety, depression, ADD, health or weight prevent me from having it. If ___________wasnot the problem I could do it.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you that there aren’t obstacles.  What I am telling you (with absolute love) is that if you believe any of the stories you are telling yourself you are a liar.

People who have had the exact stories you have to achieve their dreams every day.  You can continue to hide from your dreams, being angry you can’t have them now or continue to lie to yourself with your stories and watch the dreams to be squashed or you could start setting the stage to make them a reality.

There are so much power and goodness in dreaming AND there is no dream that doesn’t require action to come true.  So here are some action steps that will have you well on your way to having your dreams come true.

1. Let yourself dream.  Sit in a quiet place and vision the dream coming true. Feel how you will feel when that happens, the sounds you’ll hear and what you’ll be seeing or smelling when that dream comes true.
Feel the goodness of it from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Even if it’s not something you believe is possible for a long time just feeling all of the goodness of it lets the universe know what you want.

If those gremlins come up just say, “not now, I’m dreaming” and let the stories go.

2. Start taking action.  This doesn’t mean big action. If you want to find love take a few hours this weekend and explore and play on some online dating sites.  Maybe even start a profile. You don’t have to publish it after all. You could make a list of qualities in Mr. Right and some things you can’t wait to do together.
If you want to take a  big vacation start a separate bank account this week or get a big jar and start throwing your change in it.
The point is to take some kind of small action.  Clean up your debt, take 100 extra steps, research communities where you’d like to live,  And again when the gremlins come up  just say, “not now I’m planning”
3. Start sharing your dreams.  Either on paper or with friends and family.  It can be fun to learn what others dream of and to let them know you can’t wait to see them have it.

The reason people are living their dreams isn’t because they were lucky or it was easy, or they had a magic wand (what fun would that be?) it was because they weren’t afraid to dream and took action and you can too.

Start getting your mind in the place of receiving, and start taking small actions.

I’d love to hear your dreams and the actions you’re ready to take. Comment and share.

If you’re feeling stuck let me know that too.  I’m here to support you.



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