Is This You?

The other morning when I went outside at the bottom of my steps there was this feather laying right in the middle of the sidewalk.  It appeared like it was placed there.  

The significance of a black and white feather, I found out, is that change is coming.  I smiled and whispered, “thank you”. I’ve been wanting that divine confirmation.  

Life comes with uncertainty and that can throw us into stress, worry and overwhelm. There was a time I would have stepped right over the feather to busy and hurried to notice.  

I was constantly stressed, wearing overwhelm as a badge of honor; worrying about the past or the future, the what- ifs, and shoulds. I’d wondered if “it” was good enough or acceptable and therefore if I was.

The art of noticing was not on my radar.  

I was to busy covering up my vulnerability and perceived inadequacies, fears, and vulnerability with judgment, blame, and a kick-ass, go get um tough girl persona (which isn’t all bad if you’re not using it to hide out).

I replaced feeling my feelings with doing- staying busy, achieving the next thing.  If you just stay busy your important right? 

If you just stay busy you don’t have to feel. My to-do list and climbing the ladder of acceptance aka achievement was a great way to mask feeling.  

I thought if I just do this or achieve that I’ll be happier more gratified, noticed, I’ll get the pat on the back.   

So what did I do to get off that path? I hit burnout and then started getting honest with myself.

I faced my beliefs head on and dove into the change work that was necessary.

When I first started working on my beliefs I didn’t know they were even what was standing in my way only that I wasn’t who I wanted to be or where I wanted to be in my life.  

I was tired of being overwhelmed, overweight, and always seeing where and who I wanted to be but never making any real progress in getting there. It was diving into the beliefs that opened the doors and let new possibilities in.

People sometimes describe belief work as being different without having to remember to be different and that’s what it was for me.

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It’s time you stopped stepping over those feathers and rewrite your story so you can become the version of you-you desire to be.  

It’s possible.  I’m proof.



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