Why you might be stuck on your weight loss journey

Feeling frustrated?
You’ve done all the “right” things. You know eating real food and not the boxed processed stuff 80+ percent of the time, getting in some exercise, watching the amount of sugar and carbs your eating. You know all the stuff your suppose to do. So why isn’t the weight coming off?
Well, before I dive into some possibilities I want to remind you that no one person is exactly the same which is why the big name diets don’t work for everyone and the reason most people don’t have sustainable weight loss.
You have your own biology and while it’s true that a sugar-filled diet is not nourishing you, kale isn’t good for everyone.  It’s called bio-individuality.  You are your own person and just because your best friend lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers doesn’t mean it will work for you, and you don’t feel like something is wrong with you if it doesn’t.
Here’s the thing, of course we want to feel like we look good, we want to gain confidence, and have more energy, but most importantly if you are focused on your overall health AND loving you it WILL come. It just takes a little detective work, some mindset shifts, some strategy, and some support.
So let’s start exploring. Here are 9 reasons you might be stuck on your journey.
1. Stop counting calories and start counting protein, fat and carbs.  Shoot for 20 % of your daily intake carbs (mostly veggies), 30% healthy fats (avocado, nuts, etc), and the rest protein.
Again, remember we are all different so you maybe don’t need that much protein (which is why I do a protein experiment with my clients) and a few more “green” carbs are better for your individual body.
If you’ve mastered these shoot for 10% carbs and adjust the other two accordingly.
2. Are you getting enough rest and are you overstressed? Lack of sleep and stress are both reasons we can weight.  If these are issues for you find some strategies to fix them.
3. How often are you eating? Some of us need to eat a little something every few hours.  Again, this is about being a detective.  For most of us, we can just eat when we are hungry.
Don’t wait until you are starving but just notice when you’re starting to feel hungry and then plan to eat. This goes for stopping when you are full.  I don’t mean stuffed just full. Lay your fork on the plate and your napkin on top. Be done.
4. Reduce sugar.  Most whole food doesn’t contain lots of processed sugars.  Fruit is an exception.  Eating lower carb fruits is best as is eating them earlier in the day.  It can be great fuel but if we’re not burning it off it can get stored as fat.
5. Read ingredients.  There are so many things hidden in canned goods and packaging. If you can’t pronounce it you probably shouldn’t eat it and it could be contributing to your lack of weight loss.
6. Pay attention to inflammatory foods.  Weight gain or lack of weight loss could mean we are consuming foods that are causing inflammation.
One way to tell is to track your food for a week. Weigh first thing in the morning before you eat. Notice the days you gain and notice if there is a food correlation.
I can be totally within my protein intake but certain proteins cause inflammation in my body. Beef (which I love), bacon, wheat, and sugar are not my friends. I can eat all of these just not all the time. Cut back on the foods that cause the inflammation and eat more of the others.
7. Try to have at least 12 hours between your last meal or drink (excluding water or decaf. tea).  This gives your body a chance to burn the stored fat.  Make it even longer if you can and try and have that meal 3 hours before bed for better sleep.
8. Find ways to feel happier and have more joy and pleasure in your life now! The entire reason we want something new is for the better feeling we think it will get us.
Finding ways to have more pleasure and happiness through new thoughts and actions now will get us there much faster.
9. Get checked out by your doctor.  There could be lot’s of things happening inside that are blocking your success.
10. Eat healthy fats.  They help you feel full longer and they are good for overall health.
All of these things I dive into when I work with my clients.
Again, be a detective. The journey to a new way of eating is not about tons of rules that make it hard and make you feel defeated. Play with different things and see what works for you and stay in joy and pleasure more than in the crappy feelings.
The doors are open for 10 women to join me in my program Weight loss From the Inside Out.  If you’re ready to lose weight differently and sustainably this is for you.  These slots will fill up fast so don’t wait.  Get the details here.


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