One of My Top Secrets

There is no magic wand to wave and permanently drop weight and regain health sustainably. There are definitely lots of tips, tricks and habits that will help i.e. drinking more water, prepping and planning meals and exercise and those are great systems but this secret is about mindset.

So what is it? You have to approach struggles like someone that already has what they want.

Let me explain. When I was working on changing my eating and exercise habits I was approaching it from the perspective of that overweight, stressed out woman and what she was going to lose out on.

My thoughts went like this: “this is too hard”, ” I have to give up what I like”, I can’t enjoy good times over food and wine”, “I’ll never eat bread again”.

When I discovered that stepping into the woman I saw myself as when I was at the weight I wanted to be and made choices from that place it was much easier to change my choices and the outcome.

So here is a simple exercise you can do.  Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Imagine you in the future when you have lost the weight or have the health you want to have.  What do your hair and skin look like?  How are your posture and energy?  What are others saying about you? What are you doing that you are not doing now? What choices are you making?

Simply said, you are choosing from the 130 pound (or whatever your ideal weight is) woman NOT the you that is overweight or unhealthy.

Make sense?

Still to this day if I don’t want to exercise I simply ask myself, “what would that stronger, lighter Janelle choose” or if I’m being pulled toward a not so healthy choice I ask, “what would the Janelle choose who wants to have energy choose?”

To tell you the truth I do this with a lot of areas of my life. And guess what- IT WORKS!

Give it a try and then comment and tell me about it.  I’d love to hear.



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