Two Stories & The Morals


Let’s jump into the story of two mornings. 

The alarm goes off. 90 minutes from now you’ll be at work. You hit snooze 3 or 4 times and then when you know you’ve laid there until the last second you’re up.  You stagger to the coffee pot and of course, check your phone. It hits you that you’ve lost 30 minutes and still have to get the family going and some early commitments are taken care of and time is ticking by.

Your intention to do some exercise and make a healthy breakfast is long gone and you grab a banana on the way out the door.  So much for easing into the day.  You decide on the way to work that some additional caffeine and sugar are what you need so you hit up Starbucks for a large mocha frap and you’ve disappointed yourself not only because you had better intentions but because you’ve dumped $7 on a drink when you had committed to start saving that Starbucks money for a trip you’ve been wanting to take.

You’ve lost the opportunity to pull your thoughts together before the meetings begin and everyone starts pecking at you like a chicken.  Your vision for a peaceful productive morning that has you headed out the door filled with joy has become a regret.

Story #2

The alarm goes off but you’re already awake.  You went to bed at a decent hour and slept well.  This time you’ve got two and a half hours. Before anyone else is up, you grab some lemon water to rehydrate after a good 8 hours and then grab a cup or your ready-made coffee (gotta love pre-programming). You tiptoe quietly into a remote spot in the house. You’ve got your tech but only to listen to your favorite tunes or podcast.

After reading something soulful or journaling for a few minutes you do some kind of movement for 7 to 30 minutes to get those feel-good hormones working.  You take a few minutes to meditate; appreciating and being grateful.

You’re enjoying the silence as you write out your most important missions of the day.  You appreciate yourself as you shower knowing no one or nothing can take your morning accomplishments away because you’ve prioritized you.  You’re calm and in integrity with your goals for how you want to care for yourself.

What’s the moral of these two stories? (Yes, there’s more than one)

-Be in charge of your day or your day will be in charge of you.  Make your morning purposeful or you will be living in reaction mode and that causes us to be sick, overweight and unhappy.

-Big magic happens when you begin directing your day rather than responding to it.

Creating your Magical Morning Routine will absolutely create a ripple effect of a massive change in your family life, career, health, happiness overall well-being.

If you’re ready to take the next step, let’s chat!



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