What these two words might really mean

Today I want to talk about the two words ” I’m Busy”. I’m writing about this today because I was on a call with a client a few days ago and in the hour we were together she said those words eight times!

No judgment, I’ve been there. I can’t even begin to imagine how often I’ve said those words, and I’m bringing it to your attention today for a few reasons.

1. I want you to understand why you are saying it.
2. I want you to be aware that you ARE saying it
3. I want you to get honest so those two words don’t become or continue to be a crutch in your life.

I’m busy really means:

It’s not a priority. We always make time for priority. Have you ever told someone you are too busy and your best friend calls and wants you to go do something? All the sudden you are not busy right?

~I didn’t prepare or plan ahead

~I want the world (or at least the person I’m talking to) to know how important I am. “I’m busy” has become a badge of honor. So many people associate busy with importance.

~I’m afraid of the uncertainty of the commitment

~I’m not willing to commit

~I don’t want to “feel” or “deal” with the emotion. This one is so sneaky. If we are masking feeling and not wanting to deal with the emotions that that thing congers up it’s easy to stick with “I’m busy”, but you need to know covering up feelings with anything so you don’t have to face them NEVER works. It always comes back to haunt you.

~I don’t want to do____________ and I don’t know how to be honest without offending or hurting you.
No matter what “I’m busy” is really meaning in your life, now is the time to notice and get honest.

Hiding behind those two words doesn’t serve you, in fact, it is you lying to yourself. It’s almost like sneaking a Snickers when there is no one else in the house to hide it from.

Your mind knows and if your goal is to be the best version of you, you have to be in integrity and part of integrity is getting honest, dealing with the reality by creating new thoughts that bring about new actions.

That my friend is being the best you.


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