My Vacation Inspiration & Message from the Universe

Awwww just back from an amazing vacation to a little town near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was beautiful, warm and so fun to spend time with my guy and some friends. I miss it already!

I loved checking out (although I missed you all and thought of you every day). I had fully intended to be “on call” with tech with all of you and in my Facebook group, but the universe had a different plan and reliable internet was not in the cards.

But being forced to check out gave me some insights. Besides the obvious highlights: the sun, great food, beautiful scenery, and lots of fun there were a few other things I gleaned from this vacation that was unexpected.

1. A renewed attitude of gratitude. When you get caught up in the daily craziness of life you tend to overlook the small, great things in your life or you tend to make things a bigger issue than they really are. Letting go of the craziness reminded me of all I am grateful for on a deeper level.

2. It brought me some much-needed clarity around some decisions. I have spent so much time THINKING my way through things lately I have forgotten how to FEEL into them and that is where the truth of what I want lies- on the inside.

Using a scale of how great an idea or decision makes me feel when I think about it and imagining the outcome is something I teach my clients, but sometimes forget the power of it myself. That ability to tap into your inner knowing as a guide. This is hard to do when you don’t make time for it.

3. Rest= growth. Sometimes you have to let things rest before they can grow. Just like muscles grow when you take a day to rest them so does every aspect of your life. Stepping back allows you to grow and expand. It allows you to notice things that you can’t when you keep pushing forward, using the willpower, going through the motions.

It’s not that any of that is bad, but taking the time to check out and not think about what consumes your thoughts each and every day allows you to have new insights. Insights that change the trajectory of your life and health and who you want to show up in the world as.

So I’m curious what is is you want more of that would make all the difference for you? What are you not allowing time for that could improve your health, relationships, and life?



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