What’s Really Keeping You From Having What You Want And How To Change That


Can you relate? You’ve tried it all. You’ve got the desire but you can never quite get there.  In fact, you might not even be sure where to start and you definitely don’t want to try and fail, again.

I know this feeling well. I was once on a path of self-destruction.  I was living a life of stress and overwhelm.  I thought the more I moved up the corporate ladder and the more I took on and juggled in my life, the more satisfaction I’d have.  I associated these things with worthiness, love, strength; the list goes on.

I was gaining weight, and totally not healthy, and I was moving further away from the life I desired each and every day.

When I started shifting things in my diet and tackling my beliefs about what was possible, other things started to shift.  I dropped weight, I stopped being in stress and overwhelm. I did the work to shift things in my relationship because it wasn’t serving me as I wanted it to, my spirituality grew and I find joy even in the hard shit.

You see, you always have that part of your brain that has perfectly legitimate reasons to keep you stuck. After all, what you’ve always done has kept you safe, loved and belonging right? We know we can survive what we’ve been doing, but our brains just aren’t sure about that “new” thing.

So how do you get past this?  

First,  you have to get crystal clear on what you want and your why. You see, the why, or the deep reason you want what you want is what drives you to create the habit and to keep going when that part of your brain tries to stop you.

Knowing your why and keeping that on the forefront keeps you from relying on willpower which is never sustainable.

Second start repattern your beliefs.  Repatterning your beliefs is what will make your brain finally say “yes” to you having what you want.

Third, take action. The actions can be big but they don’t have to be. Any action you take will start reinforcing that the change is survivable making more change easier.

All of this is part of my 5 step process for helping women create permanent change, get what they desire and re-write their story.  Maybe that’s better health, weight loss, living a life by design, getting out of stress and overwhelm, moving into a new career or finding or creating the relationships and love you desire in your life, but until you start to address those beliefs, you’ll likely NEVER have it.

If you’re ready to stop being stuck and don’t want to get to the end of your life and say I wish “I would of” let’s talk.  We’ll explore the first steps in my 5 step process and decide if we’re a fit to work together so you can step into fulfilling your desires and re-write your story.  Book a free Belief Breakthrough Session with me here.

Here’s what a couple of my clients had to say about working with me:

“Just 30 minutes talking with Janelle changed my life!

I wouldn’t have believed such a claim before, but it’s true. She immediately put me at ease, creating a safe space for me to share what was going on and gently guided me in opening up to new possibilities.

Suddenly a dynamic in my family that felt like a battle became an opportunity for love. I feel much more free and confident pursuing my goals now! I will always be grateful to Janelle.

If you have an opportunity to have a session with her, go for it!!”

– Blue Russ

“Before working with Janelle I wasn’t making good meal choices, I couldn’t seem to get myself to take action with anything that would help me feel better (physically and mentally).

Literally, my aha moment was finally getting to the core of my lifelong belief of being unlovable and thus not worth taking care of. In working with Janelle, I have realized I am lovable, I am worth loving! I am worth taking care of. I’m learning that it is safe to let people into my world (slowly)):)

On a practical level, I have learned what foods give me energy and what ones zap me of energy and discovering how to make decisions consciously.

I’ve made more progress in the six months working with Janelle than the 20 years of off/on therapy. I’m still a work in progress but feel so optimistic about my future and what I can accomplish.”

– Kelly B.

“My session with Janelle revealed a HUGE blind spot that has deeply affected my business & my life.

Now that I am aware I can take appropriate action to root it out of my life. Janelle’s work is powerful!”

– Erika Lyremark, Bestselling Author Of Think Like A Stripper

I love supporting women in getting what they want and I’d love to support you.



P.S. I’ve got a few stops open to work with me privately and they usually fill fast so book your session soon.

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