Why Willpower Never Works and a Tough Question for You


How many times have you willed your way away from the candy bowl at Halloween or the appetizer tray at a party? It’s like trying to take a cat for a walk without a leash. It might work for a bit but after while the cat is going to go where it wants because cats are just that way.

Our food cravings can be exactly like that. Our habits and the emotions driving them are deeply ingrained in our bodies.

Having a goal and using willpower might get you off the ground, but if you want to take flight and have long-term success with your health and weight goals you have to dive deep. Willpower never lets you sustain the effort you’ll need daily to break the patterns and cycles of dieting. And who wants to effort their way to success anyway?

Every day we find ourselves deep in the stress and overwhelm of our lives and that taxes our emotions. There are situations and people in our lives we have to tolerate daily, not to mention all the energy we use just caring for our families and all the to-dos. No wonder we grab the bag of chips right?

The reason it doesn’t work is that stored deep in our brains are lots of embedded patterns and beliefs that tell us change is not safe. It’s not lack of willpower keeping you from better health and weight loss its lack of connection; connection to your body, your beliefs, your emotions, your relationship to food and your Why or deep reasons for wanting what you want.

Diving into this is tough. It’s not easy to create the plan, do the mindset work that is the key to success and execute all on our own. When I have conversations with clients some know they’re ready to jump in and get support. They’re tired of repeating the same old patterns and relying on willpower. They’re tired of setting good intentions and taking action for a week or two and then falling back into their old ways and they’re tired of the fad diets, quick fix solutions that don’t last and efforting their way through only to fall right back into weight gain and bad habits.

They know the short-term investment is worth the long-term success.

Some clients aren’t sure about getting support. They think they can have long-term success going it alone.They feel getting help is a sign of weakness. They think, “it will be different this time”.

The reality is that very rarely is “this time” any different. They are often uncomfortable investing in themselves and so they continue to stay on the same roller coaster and gaining more weight and having more health issues.

If this is you, I want to ask you one question: What’s it costing you to not get support? Could it be a further decline in health?, increased health costs?, more dr. visits and prescriptions? loss or mobility or your job? lost dreams or relationships? What is it costing you?

The fact it is there is a loss to not taking action and getting the support you need.

I live by the motto: Don’t let your dreams become regrets.

I invite you to live by that too. It’s time to take serious action. No one wants to get to the end of their life and say, “I wish I had”.


P.S. If you’re ready to take action or just get more information about what working together might look like, book a clarity call with me here. It’s a free 45-minute session with me where I’ll help you get clear on what you need and if coaching support is right for you. I’ve got just a few spots open for 1:1 clients so schedule now.

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